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The working principle of vertical injection molding machine

  This general machinery after 16 years of unremitting efforts for the general customers good word of mouth, for the general customers to solve a lot of urgency, for customers to create a good brand concept. Walked out of the home, today, today in the Indonesian customer 

  For 16 years, we focus on injection molding machine, provides you with customized solutions, we perform in: the customer's problem is the objective we today the problem of general business ideas, solve problems for customers is our today team, uphold the principle of the, it is this principle allows us to set up a good reputation 

  A ringing telephone bell broke our busy working atmosphere, our customer service is very enthusiastic picked up the phone, but by the language through telephone one leng one leng, differences because of different language expressions, also no wonder our customer service will not have this in a brief appearance we guest take that is not commonly used English to communicate with the guest, after all, we today is always go before the domestic market, exported to also have intermittent doing, so English is poor, after all, is not our main export market is also inevitable. 

  After we brief communication service, so our customer service very strange asked 1: "how do you know we this machinery of ah, as if we are not scoring overseas marketing channels." 

  Indonesia customers to answer our customer service: "you really have no marketing channels to launch your products abroad, but in the last month and my friends went to the" XX company "examines the, see your injection molding machine, the feeling is very good, all aspects of effects to achieve my ideal standard, and I also like them to understand your this product, quite is word of mouth is good, and our company is now ready to expand the scale of production, so I'm back home and we decided to you after the chairman of the board of directors to discuss 10 machine" 

  After all, we have a lot of foreign markets have been in the industry partners, we had been, Taiwan, Brazil, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and for the first time to do it, but not in others is introduced under the condition of order, but in the case of the quality of the products, which let us feel very happy, because our quality has reached the requirement of customers 

  "XX company" is our long-term partners, domestic foreign customers to visit XX company it's not strange, because zhou is mostly do export trade, but their this visit our products also with be attracted. 

  Intermittent those foreign customers are by industry partners, but now is in the process of visiting the build order, this is also our unexpected 


General procedure of injection molding machine molding process is divided into five steps:  

  1.feeding. Adding powdered plastic barrel.  

  2.melting. With the rotation of the screw and barrel outer wall heating molten plastic. The realization of the plasticizing quality, directly related to the molding products quality. 

  3.pressure injection. To injection in cylinder oil injection pressure, the screw to move forward, thus high speed will be molten material in injection mold, injection must ensure that there is enough pressure and speed. Because of high pressure will produce high pressure in the cavity, the clamping force). 

2 副本.jpg


  4. molding, cooling time. Pressure (the pressure is to one is to prevent the reverse flow of the molten material in the cavity, 2 it is timely supplementary material, the density of three is to ensure that products and size tolerance), cooling and curing. 


  6.the last mold closing and open the next cycle. 

  Founded in 1990, this plastic machinery co., LTD., is a professional research and development of injection molding machine manufacturers. In the philosophy of "innovation, integrity, responsibility, service" under the guidance, after years of efforts, now has become the world famous brands. This general machinery welcome calls negotiate: 0755-29872412 

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