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Low pressure injection molding machine hotmelt adhensive JTT-100D
Product categories :
Low pressure injection molding machine
Feature :

Clamping force: 1-5T

Vertical injection, vertical clamping

Applications include: automotive, PCBA,coil,fiber-optic,LED lighting, wire and cable,and electronics.

    injection systemcylinder  Diameter/lengthmmΦ8*1600
    Injection Pressurekg/cm21.5-4
    Max shot weightg100
    Nozzle Strokemm50
    Number of Temperature Control-1+2
    Hopper CapacityL6
    clamping systemClamping   Forcetons1
    Opening Forcetons0.4
    Platen Sizemm220*330
    Distance Between Tie Barmm390
    Min Mold Heightmm20
    Opening Strokemm150
    Max Open Daylightmm200
    Ejector Forcetons0.1
    Ejector Strokemm10
    air pressure      electric systemInto   the main pressurekgf/cm25-7
    Motor powerkw0.4
    Total Powerkw3.4
    Working powerKW0.8
    otherMachine   Weighttons0.5
    Machine Dimension0.8*0.75*1.67

    Low pressure injection molding machine JTT-100D

    Clamping Force: 1-5T

    Vertical injection system, vertical clamping system.

    Nozzle connected to gear pump directly

    Nozzle connected to melting tank, injection unit back and forward by air.

    Melt tank made from aluminum alloy, precision machining then coated with Teflon, heating evenly and rapidly and clean easily.

    Equipped with Eject system driven by air cylinder

    Two PID thermal temperature control zones (Melting tank and nozzle)

    Two tie bar design for molding small parts, operation easily.

     220V single phase voltage, Energy saving, low pollution and no oil leakage risk  

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